Configure BoostΒΆ

As a prerequisite to use Boost, you need to register Boost an a Mastodon app on the instance hosting your Mastodon account.

In order to configure Boost, you need to create a boost.ini file (or any name you prefer, finishing with the extension .ini) with the following parameters:


boosts = 0
; only boost toots older than n minutes
; only boost toots younger than n minutes


For the [mastodon] section:

  • users_to_boost: the screen_name of the users to boost (in @carl_chenet, it’s carl_chenet), separated by a comma. Mandatory parameter.
  • instance_url: the url of your Mastodon instance (default is Mandatory parameter.
  • user_credential: the path to your boost_usercred.txt (generated by register_boost_app, default is boost_usercred.txt). Mandatory parameter.
  • client_credential: the path to your boost_clientcred.txt (generated by register_boost_app, default is boost_clientcred.txt). Mandatory parameter.

For the [boost] section:

  • boosts: the minimal number of boosts the toot needs to have in order we also boost it. Defaults to 0.
  • waitminsecs: the minimal number of seconds to wait after processing a toot. Defaults to 1.
  • waitmaxsecs: the maximal number of seconds to wait after processing a toot. Defaults to 1.
  • do_not_boost_hashtags: do not boost if one of the hashtags in this list is in the text of the toot.
  • only_if_hashtags: only boost toots having one of the hashtags of the list.
  • match: only boost toots containing given regular expression match.
  • older_than: only boost toots older than a number of minutes.
  • younger_than: only boost toots younger than a number of minutes.
  • favorite: favorite all the boosted toots.

For the [sqlite] section:

  • sqlite_path: the path to the sqlite3 database file storing the already boosted toot ids